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Golf Contest Insurance

At BEST Hole in One®, we provide hole in one insurance and other sporting contest insurance including basketball and hockey, making it easy and affordable for you to add an exciting contest with attractive prizes to your corporate event or fundraiser.

Hole-in-One Contests

Hole-in-one contests

  • Can be conducted on a hole during regular play
  • All pre-registered players are eligible
  • Comes with three FREE bonus prizes!



  • Hole-in-one contest conducted as a stand-alone event
  • Eligible contestants may be selected by raffle, auction, qualifying play, etc.

Putting Contests

Putting contests

  • Stand-alone event
  • Participants try to sink a putt from a predetermined distance
  • Or require three consecutive putts from increasing distances

Golf Ball Drop

Ball drop

Participants purchase numbered golf balls in advance. Balls are then dropped from a helicopter over a golf hole or other area. The participant whose ball lands closest to the designated hole wins the prize!

Golf Ball Launcher

air cannon

Golf's Newest and Most Exciting Fundraising Activity. Upgrade your next golf event by adding an unforgettable experience for every player! Learn More

Break the Glass Challenge

Golfer with Break the Glass text

The Break the Glass Challenge will be a memorable and profitable addition to your tournament. Break the Glass is a specialized skills challenge where golfers compete to shatter a pane of glass from 25 yards. Learn More

Hockey Contests

hockey puck

Hockey contest insurance offers Shoot the Puck during intermissions to win a big prize.

  • Center Ice Line (89ft) shot through a 1 ¼” X 3 ½” target
  • Near Blue Line (64ft) shot through a 1/ ¼” X 3 ½” target

Dice Roll

Dice game

This simple game adds a new dimension to any type of event. Players roll six dice with letters, and if they come up spelling a predetermined word (such as a sponsor name), they're a winner!

Basketball Contests


Basketball contest insurance provides for several exciting promotions that can be run in conjunction with your next event or fundraiser.

  • Four shot parlay (layup, freethrow, 3-point, & half-court in 30 seconds)
  • Half-court shot
  • Three-quarters court shot